Ex-Officio to the Board
Rev. Mike Lager
Ex-Officio to the Board
Dr. Leslie Ziegler
Emeritus to the Board
Mr. Harold MacDowell, Jr.

Welcome 2017-2018 Board of Directors

We’d like to thank each of our past and present Board Members for choosing to volunteer their time, their talents, and insight as a Good Samaritan Clinic Board of Directors member.

No one is born a Board member. The individuals who have said yes to serving as a Board member of the Good Samaritan Clinic is because there’s an affinity and reason they’ve  joined. More often than not, their reason starts with the heart. We are so thankful and blessed that because of their servant’s heart, they have joined with us as we provide compassionate community care to the Arkansas River Valley and beyond.

2017 - 2018 Board Members

As we embark on this new year together, know that each of you hold a key to unlocking invaluable change and growth not only for the clinic, but our community as well. 

Executive Board

Board of Directors


Victor Martinez

Vice Chairperson:

 Sonya Hall


Sarah Garlow


Darrell Stovall

Assistant Treasurer: 

Tim Hearn

Steven Brigance

Mark Buergler

Lynn Curry

Stephen Gebhart

Pat Hightower

Laura Hood

Joel Johnson

Jeanne Ledbetter

Mark Myers

Marla Neal

Renee Parker

Charlotte Sheraden

Randy Strickland

Jennifer Thomas

Beth Watson

Stephanie Whitaker

Work Hard, Play Hard

Our Board of Directors work hard to help Good Samaritan Clinic running smoothly and effectively. However, we do our best to try to show them how much we appreciate them! Below is the 2016 – 2017 Board of Director’s Year in Review, just a little extra to remind them it may be a lot of work, but we have some fun too!