What is #GivingTuesday?

#GivingTuesday is a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration. Celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving (in the U.S.) and the widely recognized shopping events Black Friday and Cyber Monday, #GivingTuesday kicks off the charitable season, when many focus on their holiday and end-of-year giving. Our national day of thanksgiving is immediately followed by two days of “stuff getting": the rampant frenzy of consumer hand-to-hand combat known as Black Friday, which has spilled over to Cyber Monday. This year, join us for a change of pace and consider giving to the Good Samaritan Clinic on this day dedicated to giving and expression of heartfelt thanks.

How to get involved:

This November 28th, join the movement and give – whether it’s some of your time, a donation, gift or the power of your voice in your local community. We are kicking off our Annual Shine the Light campaign with #GivingTuesdayAR and a challenge to “Shine Your Light!" After giving thanks on Thanksgiving, surviving Black Friday, and ordering your must have goodies in your Pj’s on Cyber Monday… Why not give life, give healing, give jobs, give access to quality healthcare, give compassion, give love, give a hand up to someone in need, give a smile & gain one yourself. Do ALL this by shining your light and making a donation to Good Samaritan Clinic. Every donation we receive goes to making all of these things possible for those in need.

Here’s how to GIVE, CHANGE a life, & ACCEPT the CHALLENGE!

1. Make a donation @ goodsamaritanfs.com/donate
2. Create a short video or type up a short “I gave because.." explanation.
3. Upload to our timeline (Facebook.com/goodsamaritanfs)
4. Challenge your friends by tagging them to DO LIKEWISE & Shine their Light with yours!
#unselfie #DoLikewise #giving #ShiningMyLight #GivingTuesdayAR

Join First Giving Tuesday & set your donation as a recurring donation for the first Tuesday of every month. #ShiningBright

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