Join the finest Flappers & Fellas

As we transform the evening into our own speakeasy soiree

Transporting you back to the roaring 20’s for the

Best Night of the Year

to benefit the Good Samaritan Clinic

Good Samaritan Clinic’s 2nd Annual
“Best Night of the Year"
is sponsored by:

Founding Sponsor:

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Thank you,

Mr. Curtis Sawyer

First National Bank

Speakeasy Sponsor

Jazz Cats Sponsor:

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Thank you,

Mr. & Mrs. David Hightower

Preferred Office

Speakeasy Sponsor

"the Ritz" Sponsor:

Arkansas College of Osteopathic Medicine

"Juice Joint" Sponsors:

United Financial Advisors

Central Hydraulics

Come as a flapper, or come as you are.

Dress as a gangster, or silent screen star.

It’s going to be fun no matter the dress

Just bring yourself, we’ll take care of the rest.

Become a Sponsor!
Learn more about being a sponsor of the Best Night of the Year!
Get your individual tickets!
$75 Clams each.
Reserve a Table!
$650 Smackaroos for a table of 8
Bottle Service
Hotsy-totsy bottle service for reserved just for you! Have a specific drink you'd like readily available just for you & your friends? Order it here, and we'll be sure to have it ready for you.

Reminder: We SOLD OUT last year, be sure to reserve your tickets early!

Check out this video from 2017’s “Best Night of the Year!"

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