Good Samaritan Clinic is not state or federally funded and relies solely on the kindness of donors, whom we’ve come to refer to as ‘Good Samaritans.’ 

As the largest and only full-time charitable medical clinic in Arkansas we are only able to operate and continue meeting the needs of others through the generosity of donations. Though we do apply for various grants and continue to seek other means of funding that honor and align with our mission. Good Samaritan Clinic received partial funding from the Community Development Block Grant program. These funds are used to purchase prescriptions for some of our Fort Smith patients who cannot afford to pay for their medications.

We are thankful for the charitableness of our donors that support our mission and have made the choice to live out Christ’s command to “Go, and do likewise.”

If you’d like to join our Good Samaritans and accept the challenge to “Do Likewise” you can make your donation here:

Your gift makes a difference!

    Your gift makes a difference!



[accordion_tab title=”Good Samaritan Businesses” ]

We are grateful for businesses that support the Good Samaritan Clinic:

[column type=”1-2″ first=”first” ]  Alan Mashak Insurance Inc.      [/column]  Bank of America

[column type=”1-2″ first=”first” ]  Edwards Funeral Home      [/column] Bemis Company

[column type=”1-2″ first=”first” ]  Tyson Foods     [/column] Baldor – Member of ABB Group 

[column type=”1-2″ first=”first” ]  Coleman Pharmacy     [/column] Mercy Hospital

[column type=”1-2″ first=”first” ]  Johnson Dermatology    [/column] Lenscrafters

[column type=”1-2″ first=”first” ]  DerriTech Transport  [/column] ARGO Medical Supply

[column type=”1-2″ first=”first” ]  Sparks Hospital    [/column]  Fort Smith EMS

[column type=”1-2″ first=”first” ]  Sam’s Club Optical     [/column]  Center for Hearing



[accordion_tab title= “Good Samaritan Churches” active ]

As the front of our clinic door states: ‘Funded by the Faith Community’ we are blessed to have these churches on-going support. (* indicates monthly donors)

[column type=”1-2″ first=”first” ]  Barling United Methodist [/column]  Central Christian Church* 

[column type=”1-2″ first=”first” ]  Central Presbyterian Church [/column] Christ the King

[column type=”1-2″ first=”first” ]  Evangel Temple [/column] Fellowship Baptist Church 

[column type=”1-2″ first=”first” ]  First Christian Church [/column] First Lutheran Church 

[column type=”1-2″ first=”first” ]  First United Methodist [/column] Grand Avenue Baptist Church

[column type=”1-2″ first=”first” ]  Hackett United Methodist Church [/column]  Sacred Heart of Mary Catholic Church   

[column type=”1-2″ first=”first” ]  St. John’s Episcopal Church* [/column]  St. Michael Catholic Church   

[column type=”1-2″ first=”first” ]   St. Paul UMW- Faith Circle [/column] St. Scholastica Monastery*

[column type=”1-2″ first=”first” ]  Trinity Baptist Church [/column] Trinity Episcopal Church 

[column type=”1-2″ first=”first” ]  Victory Temple [/column] Wesley UMC – United Methodist Women


[accordion_tab title=”Community Good Samaritans” active ]

Community organizations that have partnered with us:

[column type=”1-3″ first=”first” ] Baldor: Member of the ABB Group [/column][column type=”1-3″ ] C.U.R.E. [/column][column type=”1-3″ ]Clear Channel [/column]

[column type=”1-3″ first=”first” ]Community Clearing House [/column] [column type=”1-3″ ] Community Dental Dept. [/column] [column type=”1-3″ ] Community Rescue Mission [/column]

[column type=”1-3″ first=”first” ] Concord Baptist Association [/column][column type=”1-3″ ] Crisis Center for Women [/column][column type=”1-3″ ] Day Room [/column]

[column type=”1-3″ first=”first” ]Fort Smith Noon Lions Club [/column][column type=”1-3″ ] Golden Rule Clothes Closet [/column] [column type=”1-3″ ] Harbor House [/column]

[column type=”1-3″ first=”first” ]iHeart Media [/column] [column type=”1-3″ ] KISR Productions [/column] [column type=”1-3″ ] Med Direct [/column]

[column type=”1-3″ first=”first” ]Northside High School [/column][column type=”1-3″ ] Power Worship 89.7 [/column] [column type=”1-3″ ] Salvation Army [/column]

[column type=”1-3″ first=”first” ]Sebastian County Health Dept. [/column][column type=”1-3″ ] Spirit 106.3  [/column][column type=”1-3″ ] Univ. of Arkansas – Fort Smith [/column]  

[column type=”1-3″ first=”first” ] Western AR Guidance & Counseling [/column] 


[accordion_tab title=”Foundations of Good Samaritans” ]

We are thankful for foundations with heart! The grants we have received from these foundations have a major part in helping us accomplish our mission every day.

[column type=”1-2″ first=”first” ]     Arkansas Community Foundation       [/column] Arkansas Department of Health

[column type=”1-2″ first=”first” ]     Caldwell Foundation       [/column] Davis Foundation

[column type=”1-2″ first=”first” ]     Delta Dental Foundation of Arkansas      [/column] Degen Foundation

[column type=”1-2″ first=”first” ]     Evans Foundation       [/column] Hennessey Foundation

[column type=”1-2″ first=”first” ]     Kerr Foundation       [/column] Moody Trust Foundation

[column type=”1-2″ first=”first” ]     Pringle Family Charitable Fund       [/column] Tilles Foundation



[accordion_tab title=”Individual Good Samaritans” ]

The unselfishness of these individuals overwhelms our hearts!

[column type=”1-4″ first=”first” ]Grace Caldwell [/column] [column type=”1-4″ ] Dr. & Mrs. Ceisla [/column][column type=”1-4″ ] Robby Combs [/column][column type=”1-4″ ] Mary Dewitt[/column]

[column type=”1-4″ first=”first” ] Mark Fears [/column][column type=”1-4″ ] Carol Ferguson [/column] [column type=”1-4″ ] JoAnn Flocks [/column][column type=”1-4″ ] Mr. & Mrs. Leroy Fry [/column]

[column type=”1-4″ first=”first” ] Jennifer Grey  [/column] [column type=”1-4″ ] Dr. Gedosh [/column] [column type=”1-4″ ] Matt Griffin [/column] [column type=”1-4″ ] Pat Jenkins [/column]

[column type=”1-4″ first=”first” ]Dr. Jennings & Staff [/column] [column type=”1-4″ ] Denise Kaestner [/column] [column type=”1-4″ ]  Dr. Landrum [/column][column type=”1-4″ ] Mark Lovett [/column]

[column type=”1-4″ first=”first” ] Jeanne McKim [/column] [column type=”1-4″ ] Betty McSwain [/column] [column type=”1-4″ ] Jean Medlock [/column] [column type=”1-4″ ] Ralph Moore [/column]

[column type=”1-4″ first=”first” ] Lila Morrow [/column] [column type=”1-4″ ] Dr. Prewitt [/column] [column type=”1-4″ ]  Dr. Price [/column][column type=”1-4″ ] Maria Rameriz [/column]

[column type=”1-4″ first=”first” ] Laura Right [/column][column type=”1-4″ ] Sue Rose [/column] [column type=”1-4″ ] Linda Schluterman [/column] [column type=”1-4″ ] Pauline Smith [/column]

[column type=”1-4″ first=”first” ] Molly Schardt [/column] [column type=”1-4″ ] Dr. Southerland [/column] [column type=”1-4″ ] Dr. Stewart [/column] [column type=”1-4″ ] Jerry Trejo [/column]

[column type=”1-4″ first=”first” ] Rosemary Wingfield [/column] [column type=”1-4″ ] Debbie Wright [/column] [column type=”1-4″ ] Dr. Ziegler [/column]