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Studies have shown that low-income people who do not have health insurance often have trouble getting healthcare, even for serious conditions.

  • Approximately 45 million Americans under age 65 lack health insurance.
  • Almost half a million Arkansans did not have health insurance in 2004 (17% of the state’s population).
  • More than 3 out of 5 uninsured Arkansans are employed.
  • Many families without health insurance are faced with a very difficult choice – deplete their savings to pay for healthcare or go without needed treatment and medication.
  • Due to costs, an uninsured person is less likely than an insured person to have a regular source of healthcare, to receive recommended medical tests or treatments, to fill prescriptions, and to receive timely preventive care
  • An uninsured person is more likely than an insured person to be hospitalized for avoidable health problems, to receive fewer services, and subsequently die in the hospital.As a result, uninsured working people are in poorer health and die earlier than those with insurance.

[accordion_tab title=”Am I Eligible?” ]

  • Persons who have Medicare, Medicaid, Worker’s Compensation, or private health insurance are NOT eligible for services offered by the Good Samaritan Clinic.


  • Full-time student
  • Parent with children under age 6
  • The homeless
  • Persons under 18
  • You must have a photo ID, proof of income (check stubs, IRS tax return or letter from employer), and proof of Arkansas or Oklahoma residence. You must bring these items with you at the time of your initial appointment
  • Fees are on a sliding scale based on income. The maximum any patient will be asked to pay is $35 per visit. The average charge is $10

If you have questions about your eligibility, our fee structure and/or payment requirements, please call the Good Samaritan Clinic.

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  • Primary healthcare services, adult and pediatric
  • Prescriptions
  • Eye examinations
  • Limited gynecologic services
  • Patient Education programs

[accordion_tab title=”What Services Are NOT Offered?” ]

Services NOT Available

      • Routine vaccinations
      • Family planning on birth control
      • Obstetric services
      • Chronic Pain Management
      • Routine physicals (except for pre-school physicals) and pre-employment physicals
      • We do NOT accept lab test referrals from other clinics or agencies
      • Our practitioners and volunteer physicians do NOT fill out Disability paperwork